File Manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.3 or higher

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free FileScoutLite

A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices

The "all in one" file, zip, text and image manager for your BlackBerry®

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FileScoutLite - the free alternative

In the past FileScout was available as Donationware . This concept was not understood by the majority of the users and as consequence FileScout now needs a Registration Code in order to use the full functionality of the application. As alternative a free FileScoutLite Version is offered. FileScoutLite is providing the basic file manager functionality.

FileScout -vs- free FileScoutLite Features

  FileScout FileScoutLite
File system browser for your BlackBerry® (including hidden files) x x
Create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files (incl. multiple select) x x
Sort directory content (Name, type, date, size) x x
Copy and delete complete directory structures x x
Show details for files & directories [modification date, is hidden, etc...] x x
Set file property [is hidden true/false] x x
Open all media files (supported by your BlackBerry®) x x
Text Viewer (e.g. for ini, xml, etc.) x x
Create screenshots
(Lite version Screenshots are watermarked)
x x
Create/Extract Zip-Archives x x
WiFi-Sharing (via Plugin)
(Lite version is Ad-Supported)
x x
FileScout Premium Features
Browse Zip-Archive Content x  
RibbonBar (for TouchScreen Devices) x  
Access your Dropbox
via the FileScout Dropbox Plugin
QuickFilter/FileFinder (directory content) x  
Image Viewer (incl. next & prev) x  
File Search x  
Thumbnail display for images x  
Image manipulation (rotate & resize) x  
Text Editor x  
Send files via eMail/Bluetooth/BBM™ x  
eMail Archive function x  
Playlist creation x  
Favorite-Directory handling x  
Directory Tree navigation (Goto...) x  
AutoUpdate check x  
Support via eMail x  


Download free FileScoutLite

For the free FileScoutLite version no Registration Code is required. Simply download the FileScout Trial version from this Website and select Use free lite Version within the application.
If you find the free FileScoutLite useful in your day to day life and you would like me to invest more of my time developing it, please considder sending a donation - TIA.
Before you donate: Please note that PayPal demands
a fee of at least 0,30 USD (or 0,35 €) + 3,9% for the donation service.
Donations of less than $1.00 do not help support the project at all as it is actually just
a donation to PayPal. If you cannot afford more, please keep it for yourself.
[Do you need help with Paypal? - Read a small 'how to' here...]

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