File Manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.3 or higher

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FileScout - What other's say

A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices

The "all in one" file, zip, text and image manager for your BlackBerry®

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Comments & Reviews

'BlackBerry Partners Fund Reveals Last Four Finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge' 2009/10/01 [Official Website]:
TORONTO - October 1, 2009 - The BlackBerry Partners Fund today named ..., FileScout (by Matthias Marquardt), ... as the last four (4) Finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge. The finalists were selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: compelling product or service; clearly defined value proposition and technical execution.

FileScout is a file manager for your BlackBerry device. In addition to its core functionality, the software allows users to search for files, send any file by Bluetooth or as an email attachment, and open media files including pictures, movies and music files.

rezn - Editor in Chief 2010/11/14 [from]:
... I'm not sure what I'm writing about except to say your genius has made it's way into my daily life. As a site owner and chief I get a lot of early products some of which come packed up in zip files CODs with jad or I receive special images that I would normally need my computer to unzip or transfer the image back into my BlackBerry in order to show the quality I'm happy with. File Scout changes all that and has simplified my life.

Ryan Blundell 2009/03/31 [from] BBFileScout - Review and Comparison:
BBFileScout is presented by EMAC... A couple of weeks ago, blogger extraordinaire Bla1ze first introduced us to BBFileScout and I was fairly excited to have a look at it. Since then, a few updates have also popped up, which does make it a formidable filing foe. [...]
I preferred how BBFileScout managed my media files; enabling me to play videos as advertised and creating playlists. Less experienced users and abusers will appreciate an easier method of deleting sample media, without the worry of potentially bricking your device. [...]
BBFileScout has won me over. Even if there was a difference of a dollar (plus or minus), my decision would still be the same.

Ronen Halevy 2009/03/05 [from]:
Tom let me know about BBFileScout which is [...] a file system browser application for BlackBerry® that truly impressed me. It supports OS 4.3+ devices and offers you a TON OF FEATURES! You have to see it to understand below. Just seeing this makes me wonder why RIM did not bother giving us a proper file system browser integrated into the OS.

Bla1ze 2009/03/09 [from]:
For the past little while I have been testing out applications which allow you to manage your device and SD Card a little bit better in an effort to try and keep things a little more organized for myself. I have also been testing out alot of applications that allow me to create zip files on my device to allow for easier emailing of files that are often times larger then what BIS services allow me to transfer through email.
Enter BBFileScout, an amazing file explorer and zipping application that has just about everything I was looking for. I can view files, rename files, move files, hide files, zip filles and heck, even associate files to a specific application ie: .doc to Documents To Go. It also includes a c nicely integrated text viewer. [...]
This really is a great and useful application that really should be core to the BlackBerry® OS instead of the lame file explorer that is built in. And best of all the application is donationware, meaning you can download it for free and then just donate what you feel as though the application is worth to you, if you wish.

Joe from 2009/03/13 [from]:
This application is top notch for managing your device and SD card storage allowing you to find and store things in an organized fashion. BBFileScout is a can't miss application.

admin from 2009/06/01 [from]:
My Top 20 Premium and Free BlackBerry Applications - Place 11:
A nifty little application that gets a fair lot of usage on my BlackBerry Storm is BBFileScout which is why it has made it into my top 20. BB FileScout lets you manage your files more easily and more accessibly than was previously available with the official RIM software. BBFileScout is one of them applications that should have been there as an original feature of the operating system!

jaanix from 2009/05/17 [from]:
[...] recently I discovered another FREE (donationware) workaround; or I should say addition, that makes the Blackberry all that more powerful. Since my acquisition of the Blackberry Curve 8320 I found that the Blackberry lacked a decent file system browser. The "geek in me" wanted more than just the basic file explorer that is buried under the “Media” selection of the Blackberry OS. I wanted a file system browser that was comparable to what I experience on my PC. After getting my bearings on how and where to look for free Blackberry software resources, and how to install those resources that were of interest, I came across the excellent file system browser called "BBFileScout".

Mark Stahler 2009/03/13 [from]:
BBFileScout - This is BY FAR the best file manager program out on the BlackBerry. I have tried half a dozen of them and none met my expectations until just the other week I found this gold mine. This is as close to Windows Explorer or Finder as you can get. When you click on a file, FileScout is smart enough to recognize the file type and open it with the appropriate application. Clicking a .doc file will open it in Docs to Go. What a concept! I cant believe other so called file managers havent included this feature.

Ronen Halevy 2009/03/12 [from]:
I am really loving BBFileScout and really think it is becoming one of my BlackBerry must have applications.

I've been liking this app since I installed it, and definitely a must have app for anyone with a BlackBerry® with all the advanced features it has. [...] When I found this app, it's definitely helped me tremendously, since now I can view my hidding files, zip, unzip files, and so much more. Highly recommended.

I used this program to delete those annoying OEM media files - with success!

the.abyzz [from]:
Bei meiner Recherche bin ich auf ein Produkt Namens BBFileScout von EMAC gestoßen.
Dieses Produkt finde ich schlichtweg genial. Man kann damit Dateitypen Assoziationen herstellen, Textdateien bearbeiten (z.B. TXT, XML, ...), Multimediadateien üffnen, ZIP-Archive entpacken oder erstellen und vieles mehr.

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