100% free GPSLogger & Geocaching Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.6 or higher (v1.x for OS 4.2.1)

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GPSLogger II - User Manual [100% free 100% offline]

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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GPSLogger II - Application Options - Appearance & Startup

  1. FontSize
    The font size of GPSLogger is relative to your actual device font size. Select between Small, Medium or Large
  2. Units
    GPLogger supporting three different units for the displayed valued (like distance, speed or elevation). You can select between the following types:
    • Metric (km/h, km, m)
    • Imperial (mph, miles, feet)
    • Nautical (nm/h, nm, feet)
  3. Start View / Additional View1 / Additional View2
    With GPSLogger II you can have now up to three different Views on the Screen
    Once the additional views are enabled you can toggle them ON and OFF by using the key shortcut [1] or [2].
    When you have the Path-, Map, Speed or the Elevation-View as first additional view you can make use of the [ALT]+[I] to Zoom In and the [ALT]+[O] key shortcut to Zoom Out.
    You can select between the following views:
    • Path View (see details)
    • Elevation View (see details)
    • Speed View (see details)
    • GPS View (see details)
    • Timing View (see details)
    • Compass View (see details)
    • Direction View (see details)
    • Map View [if BlackBerry Maps installed]
      Please note that if BlackBerry-Maps is not supported in your country then GPSLogger II can't display any map information. The list of currently covered areas can be checked at RIM's site: Coverage areas of BlackBerry Maps
      If your area is not listed, you still CAN USE GPSLogger II - just without the map overlay functionality (the usage of GoogleMaps is not possible).
    Please note that only one view of each type can be present on the screen.
  4. Asymmetric View
    When you use three views then by default the screen will be split asymmetric 50% for the Main view and 25% for each of the additional views. If you like you can disable the asymmetric split and use 33% for each of the views.
  5. Center Location
    When this option is enabled the current location will be always centered on the display (Path or Map view).
    When you have enabled this function and a 'Direction Record' is present (e.g. a remote location) then you to toggle (by pressing the [9] key of your keyboard) between three different Center Location modes: a) your location b) current active direction record or c) middle between your location and the direction record.
  6. Center Path/Map while logging
    if enabled GPSLogger II will ensure that always the complete path will be visible on the map
  7. Rotate Map [if BlackBerry Maps installed]
    Enable/disable the rotation of the map depending on your current heading
  8. Map Opacity [if BlackBerry Maps installed]
    With GPSLogger you you can select the Map opacity (have no effect in "Night-Mode"). You have the choice between: full, 3/4, half or 1/4. When you select something different the 'full' the drawn map will not have the complete opacity which can make it easier to identify the actual path that will be drawn on top of the map.
  9. Show Waypoint Names
    Wayoints can have names (comments), when this option is enabled that GPSLogger will display the Waypoint name/comment in the different views
  10. Display always on
    GPSLogger can keep the device display on (normally the BlackBerry will dim the display and turn it finally of after a configured period of time in order to save power and increase your battery life time). So please note that when you enable this option your device needs more power (or if possible should be connected to a external power supply).
    Ignore Device Lock
    When you have enabled the 'Display always on' function you can additionally select, if the 'Automatic Device Lock' functionality should be ignored. Please note that when you enable this option this implies some security issues - e.g. when you are loosing your device while actually using GPSLogger - since in this case your device (and it's data)are not protected and can be accessed by everybody who will find your device.
  11. NightMode ColorScheme
    GPSLogger comes with a night mode. You can select the night mode colder scheme of your liking. The available options are: Yellow, Red, Green or Blue.
  12. Display foolproof 'paused' info
    When enabled a very large "Pause" text will be displayed over the complete display. This should makes the actual logging status crystal clear and should help to accidently switch into the Pause-Mode.
  13. Start in NightMode
    Automatically enable NightMode once the application will be started
  14. Use SVG position patch in Compass/Direction view
    In some older BlackBerry OS there is a issue with the display of SVG-Images - Since the compass image of GPSLogger is in this format it could be that the text around the compass might be misplaced. If you encounter this issue simply enable this option in order to get the correct visual representation.
  15. StatusBar Customization
    The StatusBar information is customizable - decide which information you like to have displayed in the GPSLogger status bar at the top of the screen.
    You can toggle the visibility of the StatusBar at any time with the [0]-Key
    • Autohide
      When logging you can select a AutoHide timeout for the StatusBar
      The available options are: OFF (status bar will not be hided), after 1 minute, after 5 minutes or after 15 minutes
    • Longitude & Latitude
      Display lon/lat as raw data
    • Horizontal & Vertical Accuracy
    • Altitude
    • Number of Satellites
    • Course/Heading
    • Speed
      Speed in 'Minutes per KM/mile'
      Runners might prefer that the speed will be displayed in 'Minutes per Kilometer' (Minutes per mile) - also known as 'pace' - instead of the classic kmh/mph speed messurement.
    • Ø Speed (only available when logging)
      Your avarage speed
    • Elapsed Time/Distance (only available when logging)
    • Climb in % (over last Minute) (only available when logging)
      When you use a sample interval smaller then 1 minute you can display the (avarage) climb in percent ofer the last minute. Even with the inacuracy of the GPS-fix elevation values this information can be quite interessting for runners or bike riders.
      The calculation takes the distance that have been traveld over the last minute and compares it with the gained/lost elevation. As example A 'climb' of 50% means, that you have gained 200 meter of altitude while traveling 400 meter.
    • Battery Level

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