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GPSLogger II - User Manual [100% free 100% offline]

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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GPSLogger II - Application Options - Export Settings

All log data is stored in a proprietary file format (.gpl) - in order to visualize the data in a different application (like GoogleEarth) you need to export the data. You can start the export from the Path-Manager of GPSLogger.
For extreme long paths the export might take quite long - if you encounter this problem you might like to try a Java based tool that have been developed by 'nithinphilips' - you can get the tool and additional instructions how to use it here at our forum: Convert GPL files on the desktop
If you like you can install the additional free GPSiesConnect application in order to upload any of your paths directly into the gpsies.com track database. The use if gpsies.com is free and registering a user is just a question of some seconds.
  1. Export directory
    By default all the exported files will be saved in your GPSLogger Path (logging) directory. If you like you can specify an additional (separate) directory for the exported files. When you like to change the path then it's recommended to use the 'Browse'-Button (that's the button with the folder icon).
  2. 'Export as eMail' recipient(s)
    Beside exporting the files into the local file system of your BlackBerry you can instantly email the files to a eMail recipient (e.g. yourself). You can specify multiple recipients by separating them with a ',' (comma). Please note that this function requires that you can send eMail attachments from your Device.
    Making use of the 'Export as eMail' is the fastest way to get the exported data to your PC or Mac. Another way is to make use of the FileScout Dropbox plugin.
  3. Export only marked locations of path
    In GPSLogger you can add to every location a comment/remark - If this option is checked only the locations that have such a comment/remark will be included in the export result.
  4. Include Elevation in KML-Export
    By default (since v2.3.1.2) GPSogger will not include the elevation data in the KML File. When the Elevation is include in the KML (and since the elevation recordings of the BlackBerry devices can be quite inaccurate) the path can look quite strange in GoogleEarth (simply cause the path might be under the surface of the earth). So if your have difficulties with the path display in GoogleEarth, please check if the 'Include Elevation in KML-Export' is disabled.
    If you are actually logging flights, then you should of course enable this functionality in order to see the recorded altitude in GoogleEarth.
  5. Export formats
    GPSLogger supports different Export formats - once you select a path to be exported it will be written in all the checked formats. So having three formats checked in the options will cause GPSLogger to generate three different files.
    • KML (Google Earth)
      A common XML-Format that will be used by GoogleEarth or GoogleMaps. The KML will include the path as <LineString> Element(s) and also additionally each recorded location as <Placemark ...> Elements with all details (like speed, heading or elevation).
    • GPX (1.0)
      A common XML-Format that can be handled by various applications.
    • GPX (Mapsource compatible)
      Same as GPX (1.0) but will not include <magvar> Elements (Heading) and will only contain <wpt ...> Elements for Locations with a remark/comment (no matter of the 'Export only marked locations of path' setting).
    • CSV
      A simple plain text file that can be opened with any spread sheet application. The export will include will include UTC-Timestamp, Remark, Longitude, Latitude, HorizontalAccuracy, VerticalAccuracy, Elevation, Speed and Heading.

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