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GPSLogger II - User Manual [100% free 100% offline]

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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GPSLogger II - Application Options - Remote Location Requests

GPSLogger II allows you to request the location of another BlackBerry device that have also GPSLogger II installed and use this received remote location as Direct. If a Device is receiving a remote location request (somebody like receive the Device location) then GPSLogger II will fire up the GPSLocation Module in the background and try to get a GPS-fix (will trying it for one minute). If GPSLogger is already running anyhow (on the requested Device) the last known location (not older then 5 minutes) will be send as response to the requesting BlackBerry.
Once you have received a Remote Location request Reply the received location will be used as navigation point in GPSLogger II. So in the direction view you can see the the distance, ETA and all the other information that is useful when you like to get to that location.
Since my wife owns a BlackBerry as well since a couple of days, this function became very handy. E.g. when she is at the crowded beach with the kids and I want to find her when I want to join her after work. Just sending her a Request and few moments later I know where to go!
Please note that in order to make use of this feature both parties need to have GPSLogger II to be installed and have to be able to send PIN-Messages (require BIS). PIN-Messages are not BlackBerryMessager™ Messages. The Remote Location request functionality can be used even if BBM™ is not installed or the BBM™-Integration of GPSLogger II is disabled.
  1. Enable Remote Location Request Service
    If you like that others can request your location on demand, then you need to enable this checkbox. Cause of privacy concerns this option is OFF by default. So in order to be remote traceable you need to enable it.
  2. Restrict access to PINs
    Once you have enabled the Remote Location Request Service everybody who is knowing your Device-PIN can request your location. You might like to restrict the usage to a selected group of people (or a single individual).
    In order to restrict the access to your location you can enable the 'Restrict access to PINs' checkbox. Once you enable this option you need to add PINs that are allowed to request your location to the PIN-List showing below this checkbox. Of course this list is *Empty* by default.
    When you like to remove a entry from the the List, simply select the PIN in the list and press the 'DEL' key of you Keyboard or select 'Delete PIN <PIN HERE>' from the Menu.
  3. Add Contact
    Once 'Restrict access to PINs' is enabled you need to add a PINs to the list of devices that actually are allowed to request your location. You can select Users from your Contacts. Please note that only users who exist in your AddressBook which have a PIN information present can be added to the list.
    Follow these steps to add the PIN information to a Contact:
    1. Open your BlackBerry AddressBook/Contacts
    2. Select the contact you would like to grant permissions to request your location
    3. Select 'Edit Contact'
    4. Scroll to the field 'PIN' (BlackBerry PIN)
    5. Enter the PIN of the BlackBerry Device of your Contact
      If your friend have difficulties to find the PIN of his device simply suggest to install the free What'sMy application (also from emacberry.com).
    6. Save changes
    Once a Contact have a PIN assigned (in the AddressBook) it will be listed in the 'Add Contact'-Dialog
    If GPSLogger II is not able to read your AddressBook or no Contact with a PIn information can be found a short information will be displayed.
  4. Keep PIN-Messages
    By default GPSLogger II will automatically delete incoming and outgoing Location Request & Response PIN Messages from your inbox. If you like to turn off this functionality you can enable this checkbox.
  5. Audio Alert if Location is requested
    When you want that you hear an audio notification in the moment somebody is going to request your current Location you can enable this Checkbox. Once a Location request PIN-Message is going to arrive to your device GPSLogger II will play a user configurable audio notification.
    You can configure the alert (tune, volume & vibration) in the default notification settings of you device - you will find it under 'Others: GPSLogger II - LocationRequest Alert'
    Please note that by default all new created Audio-Alerts have a volume of '0' (silent). So when you enable the audio alert you need to adjust at least the volume of the alert in the Device Audio Profile Configuration Application.
  6. Open Audio-Profiles
    Pressing this button will open the default Audio Profile Configuration Application - depending on the OS Version you are using you should find the GPSLogger II - LocationRequest Alert options most of the time at the bottom of the dialog - in OS6 (and above) you will find it in the 'Sounds for Selected Profile' Section and then under 'Other Applications - Notifiers'.

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