100% free GPSLogger & Geocaching Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.6 or higher (v1.x for OS 4.2.1)

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GPSLogger II - Product Details [100% free 100% offline]

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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What you can do with GPSLogger II?

  • Record your movement (as long as you take your BB with you) ;-)
  • Display current Position:
    • Longitude / Latitude
    • accuracy for Longitude & Latitude values
    • # of Satellites
    • current altitude (in WGS84)
    • current course/heading
    • current speed [Ø speed (if available)]
    • travel distance
    • travel time
  • While recording you can mark your current position and specify a note/remark for it
  • While recording you can pause & resume the recording
  • Copy your current location data [Lon|Lat|Alt] into the Clipboard to be able to paste it in a SMS or eMail (or where ever you like)
  • various different Main views:
    • Path View: 2D-View of Longitude & Latitude values [incl. Zoom IN|OUT]
    • Elevation View: Altitude over time [incl. Zoom IN|OUT]
    • Speed View: Speed over Time [incl. Zoom IN|OUT]
    • GPS View: Longitude / Latitude / Speed / course in a large font
    • Compass View (only for OS 4.6+ as nice SVG)
      [thanks to Rob Antonishen for the very nice compass svg file!]
    • Direction View
    • Switch between Day/Night Mode
  • Load a previously stored Location (Point) and let you guide to that direction ("Guide Me Home" function).
    This can become quite useful when you have to locate your car at a big parking lot - or when you are in the wilderness and have lost the orientation.
    Please Note: This is not a any kind of street navigation function! - it's just gives you a direction & distance
  • Load a previously stored or imported path (route) and guide you along the way from start to finish ("Outdoor Navigation" function).
    Please read all details about this very powerful feature of GPSLogger II in the Outdoor navigation documentation.
  • "Distance Alerts/Signal" - Peep & vibrate after a user specified distance (in Meter or Feet) was traveled (specially useful for runners & biker)
    E.g. specify (in the options) a distance of 1000m, then GPSLogger II will give you a audio signal & your BlackBerry® Device will vibrate every km. So you get informed, that you have completed the user specified distance. Of course the signal comes again after an additional km. So you have the signal at 1km, 2km, 3km... When you want the signal every mile, then please enter 5280 ft.
  • Predefined location marking names - when you have a file called names.txt in your path directory, then GPSLogger II will use the content of this file when mark a location on your path (while recording). The names.txt should countain one predefined location name per line. Your names.txt file should look like this (and can be created e.g. with BBFileScout):
     your predefined name 001
     your predefined name 002
     your predefined name xxx
    This will make GPSLogger II quite usefull for wildlife tracking/recording, since this allows you quickly to pick the animal/plant you just have spotted at the current location.
  • Options:
    • Specify if you want to specify a name for the path before start recording (path can renamed afterwards in any case in the 'Path Manager')
    • Use inverted elevation values: for some reason some devices (like Storm and Bold) seams to return "inverted" altitude value. Even if it's possible in WGS84 to have a negative altitude there are sample logs of users showing negative elevation values > ~250m - this is for sure not correct. This option allows you to invert the received GPS altitude information.
    • Select GPSLogger II Font Size:
      • Small (= BB Default Font Size/1.5) [GPSLogger II default]
      • Medium (= BB Default Font Size/1.25)
      • Large (= BB Default Font Size)
    • Specify the initial view of GPSLogger II
    • Specify if the background should be always ON
    • Select NightMode Color Scheme [Yellow/Red/Green/Blue]
    • Start in Night Mode [default OFF]
    • Specify the sample frequency (in which period the application will record the current position)
    • Directory on your BB device to which your Paths will be recorded (can be also SDCard)
    • Units in which the Data will be displayed (Metric/Imperial/Nautical)
    • Specify the distance signal (in Meter or Feet depending on your Units Setting) - Enter a '0' to disable this feature.
    • Display lon/lat as raw data (default OFF)
    • Allow start without GPS-Signal (default OFF)
    • Confirm deletion of Paths and Points (default OFF)
    • Confirm Exit (default OFF)
    • Export Directory on your BB device
    • Specify the recipient list (when you have chosen eMail-Export) - separated multiple recipient eMail addresses by space
    • Export only named locations (default OFF)
    • Export format(s): KML (GoogleEarth), GPX (+GPX MapSource compatible), CSV (with double quotes as value encloser)
  • Load previously recorded Paths
    • Navigate with the trackball through your Path
    • Navigate with the Keyboard through your Path (Main Window)
      • [A|S]: Start Position
      • [E|R]: End Position
      • [Y/Z|X]: 15 Positions back
      • [C|V]: 1 Position back
      • [B|N] 1 Position forward
      • [M]: 15 Positions forward
    • Load previously recorded paths into the Background (as many as you like) to compare the current (e.g. recording) Path with previously recorded Paths. [e.g. to compare your actual hiking or biking route with the ones you did in the past]
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML (depeding on your Settings) to the BB filesystem
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML and send it automatically by BB-eMail to a recipient (list) [recipients configurable in options dialog]
  • The exported KML files can be loaded into GoogleEarth and you can get a detailed view of your paths [download GoogleEarth]
  • The exported GPX file contains the following information about each recorded location (not all the info is included in the Mapsource compatible output):
    • Longitude / Latitude
    • Altitude (in WGS84)
    • Timestamp
    • Course/heading
    • Name of the Point (if it's a named waypoint)
    • # of Satellites
    • Accuracy for Longitude & Latitude values
  • Import GPX and KML files that have been created by other applications [unzip a GoogleEarth KMZ with BBFileScout]
  • Type in a location manually (in the 'Location Manager') to let GPSLogger II guide you to this location - this can be used for GeoCaching with your BlackBerry® device
  • Main Window key shortcuts:
    • [SHIFT]+[A|S]: (S)tart Logging
    • [SHIFT]+[Q|W]: (Q)uit Logging
    • [SHIFT]+[O|P]: Toggle (P)ause
    • [SHIFT]+[Y|X|Z]: Reset GPSLogger II
    • [Q|W]: Mark Location
    • [U|I]: Zoom (I)N
    • [O|P]: Zoom (O)UT
    • [D|F]: Toggle display forward [Path|Elevation|Speed|GPS|(Compass)|Direction]
    • [SHIFT]+[D|F]: Toggle display backward [Path|Elevation|Speed|GPS|(Compass)|Direction]
    • [L]: Toggle NightMode
    • [SHIFT]+[M]: Open Path Manager
    • [SHIFT]+[L]: Open Location Manager
  • Outdoor Navigation (Main Window)
    • [SPACE]: Next Waypoint
    • [DEL]: Previous Waypoint
    • [SHIFT]+[R]: Reset Navigation
    • [SHIFT]+[I]: Reverse (invert) Navigation Path
  • Path Manager key shortcuts:
    • [I|U]: (I)nformation/Details about path
    • [E|R]: (E)dit Path name
    • [Z|X]: E(x)port path
    • [M]: Export as e(M)ail
    • [DEL]: (DEL)ete path
    • [L]: (L)oad path
    • [A|S]: Load as (s)hadow path
    • [B|N]: Load (N)aviPath
    • [SHIFT]+[B|N]: Load inverted (N)aviPath
  • Location Manager key shortcuts:
    • [I|U]: (I)nformation/Details about location
    • [E|R]: (E)dit location name
    • [Z|X]: E(x)port location
    • [B|N]: (N)ew location
    • [SHIFT]+[B|N]: (N)ew location in degree, minute, second format
    • [DEL]: (DEL)ete location
    • [L]: (L)oad Location

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