100% free GPSLogger & Geocaching Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.6 or higher (v1.x for OS 4.2.1)

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GPSLogger II - What other's say about the Product

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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Comments & Reviews

Ryan Blundell 2009/06/02 [from http://www.crackberry.com] GPSLogger - a Free BlackBerry App to Track your Movement
GPSLogger is a free application that essentially enables you to help you get where you are going and track where you have been. The application will also help you remember places that you have visited; perhaps a new hang out or a location of a movie set you accidently stumbled upon. Now, hopefully you don't get lost on the way to the rest of the review.

Destination: the conclusion
An amazing array of features, numerous log and file options, multiple ways to view the information. All this and more can be found in this FREE app. I was thoroughly impressed with GPSLogger's offerings.

Ronen Halevy 2009/03/13 [from http://www.berryreview.com] GPSLogger – Free App Records Your Movements Using GPS (GPX Or KML)
Emacf1 released another free/donationware application recently called GPSLogger. It is a simple offline GPS logging application that records your movements using GPS. The nice part is that unlike other applications it stores it on your BlackBerry so it does not have an online component. This appeals to my security conscious side that just wants to track my trip or hike without sharing…

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