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GPSLogger II - Open Map Data (OMD)

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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With the release of GPSLogger v3.3 it is possible to access a variety of different open map data servers directly from the application itself. This means you can now have Bing!Maps, GoogleMaps, esri or MapQuest (just to name a few) with you - just on your BlackBerry Device (running OS4.6 - 7.1).
This variety of different maps (for different purposes) makes a great addition to the existing BlackBerry Maps implementation. With the open map data its now even possible to display maps for counties which are currently not supported by BlackBerry Maps.
Please be so kind and check with the sample map below, if any of the available open map data services would display valid map data for your local region.

Request Open Map Data

By DEFAULT GPSLogger will not download any open map data automatically! You have to request the map data manually (again this is the default configuration). This is cause of multiple reasons:
  • GPSLogger claims to be 100% offline - and I am still confident that this is a major key for the acceptance of the application (by the users)
  • Open Map Data is basically image data - and this data traffic should not be underestimated
  • GPSLogger caches the data locally - once a area has been completely transfered you can simply use it (offline)
  • In favor of the different open map data providers, the application wants to restrict the number of requests (to the different provider servers) to a minimum level
  • Open map data becomes very useful for the Outdoor navigation functionality of GPSLogger - and for the outdoor navigation you have already a complete path stored on your device - all you would need is the map data that covers the region of this path
I hope with the facts above you will find the default configuration of the open map data functionality more then reasonable.
If you like (and have an appropriate data plan) you can quickly enable full online open map data support via the GPSLogger Options. See the Configuration & Settings section for details.
Additionally to the possibility to download open map data directly with your device, I have created a small application that can be started on any PC or Mac. This tool allows you to download any open map data (in the required format) in a very easy and convenient way. Details about this GPSLogger II Open Map data Tool can be found in the Desktop Open Map Data Tool Section.

Via the PathManager

Open the PathManager (e.g. via SHIFT+M) and select a previously recored Path. Here it makes no difference, if you have imported the Path via a KML or GPX file, or if you have downloaded the path via GPSiesConnect.
For every Path in the list you can select 'Load Open Map data (OMD)' from the BlackBerry menu. Once you have started the request, GPSLogger will load the path (just like the normal Path loading functionality).
When you now switch over to the Open Maps View (if not already selected) then you will see at the top of the map some progress information overlay.
Continue reading with the 'Map data request in progress' section.

Via the Main screen (Open Map Data View)

Once a Path (or Navigation Path) is loaded and displayed, you can switch over to the 'Open Maps View' and select from the BlackBerry Menu the 'Load Open Map data (OMD)' item.
Once the Open Map data has been requested a progress information overlay will be displayed at the top of the map.
Continue reading with the 'Map data request in progress' section.

Map data request in progress

Please note that by default  GPSLogger will only download Open Map data when the device is connected via WiFi  to the Internet! Please take also a look into the Configuration & Settings of the 'Open Map Data' Options of GPSLogger for adjustments.
As soon as GPSLogger can make use of a WiFi connection the application will request the map data part by part - please be patient till this process is completed. There is no cancel option implemented! If you started a open map data download by accident you have to quit/terminate the application.
Depending on the size of the path and your connection speed this download can take quite a while! The screen will update itself once the corresponding open map data is locally present on your device. You can navigate though the path as normal and zoom in and zoom out - but expect some inactivity/delay while the data will be downloaded by the device. The open map data request is some work for your BlackBerry.
Once all data have been successfully transfered to your device the progress information overlay at the top of the map will disappear.
After the download has completed you can disconnect the device from the internet and GPSLogger will make use of the open map data that is now stored on your BlackBerry locally - so you will have the map data of your path with you - 100% offline!

An alternative Tool

Since the download of the Open Map data can be quite time consuming there is a small java based tool that you can use on your Desktop PC/Mac.
Details about this GPSLogger II Open Map data Tool can be found in the Desktop Open Map Data Tool Section.
Continue with the Configuration & Settings Section.

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