100% free GPSLogger & Geocaching Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.6 or higher (v1.x for OS 4.2.1)

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GPSLogger II - Open Map Data (OMD)

A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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The Open Map data Desktop Tool [aka GPSLogger Path Viewer]

Downloading Open Map data with GPSLogger II on your BlackBerry can be quite a time consuming task. For your (any my) convenience I have created a small Desktop tool, that is able to perform the downloading task from a machine with probably more CPU power and network throughput - YOUR desktop PC or Mac (not tested yet)!
When you connect your BlackBerry Device with the PC/Mac (via USB) or insert the SD-Card of your BlackBerry into your desktop PC/Mac), then this tool can access your GPSLogger data and you can initiate the Open Map data download. So later this map data can be used by the the GPSLogger application running on our BlackBerry Device.
The Tool can be also used as a Desktop Viewer of all your saved GPSLogger Path!


The Open Map data DesktopTool is a small simply Java Application that does not need any additional resources or libraries (actually it's more or less ported code from the BlackBerry OS). In order to use the Tool you need to have a so called 'JRE' installed.
  • Java 1.6 (or higher) Runtime Environment [http://www.java.com/download]
  • The Open Map Tool 'jar' file [available here from this site]
  • Installed GPSLogger II v3.3.x (or higher) on your BlackBerry Device


Simply get the jar file GPSLoggerOMDTool.jar [142 kb] here from the emacberry.com server. Save this file anywhere on your PC/Mac/Linux System (but of course remember this location!).
The best location IMHO is the file system of your BlackBerry Device. When you connect your BlackBerry via USB, you can mount the SDCard and the file system of the device itself directly to your PC or Mac. Once that is done, just save the JAR file on one of this file system. Then at any time & anywhere you can just plug in our device via USB and you can instantly use the OpenMapData Tool (to download any maps to use them later offline with GPSLogger).


  1. Start GPSLogger II v3.3.x (or higher) on your BlackBerry at least once and make sure that the application has download the latest Open Map data Provider Information. Please have a look in the Configuration & Settings Section for details.
  2. Connect your BlackBerry device via the USB Cable to your PC/Mac OR remove the SD-Card from your device and plug it into your desktop computer (SD-Card removal will of course only work, if you are storing the GPSLogger tracking information on the SD-Card).
  3. Start the Open Map data desktop Tool by double clicking on the 'GPSLoggerOMDTool.jar'. If the JRE is configured correctly the application should start after a few moments.
    If the application does not start at all then actually this is 'bad luck' - I am sorry but this Tool comes without any service or support.
Once the application is started you should see a window similar to the one on the right hand side.
Again, if the application does not start - don't email me - use the forum.

Start using the Tool

The first thing you need to do, is to tell the application where to search for the GPSLogger tracking directory. This will be done via the choice field that is marked with the arrow.
Please select the appropriate drive/volume and once it's selected the tool will try to find your GPSLogger directory automatically.
If the application was successful with the search, you will should see instantly a map of the initial found GPSLogger Path (found).
Once the tool has initialized itself you can select in the two remaining choice fields the Open Map data Provider and in the second on a GPSLogger Path that you have previously recorded (or imported) via the BlackBerry GPSLogger application.
If you just have a single entry (GoogleMaps) in the Open Map data provider selection, then the tool haven't found any BlackBerry GPSLogger Open Map data provider information on your selected BlackBerry root directory (SD-Card) - In this case please check for the latest Open Map data providers via the GPSLogger BlackBerry application. Details can be found in the Configuration & Settings Section.
When you have selected a Path the tool will instantly load this path and try to download the required open map data to display the current pane. You can now start the Open Map data request for the complete loaded path by pressing the Check/Request Path Data button.
When you only want to download the Open Map data in a 7.5km diameter of a specific location, then you can move to this location in the path (via the key short cuts) and then press the Check/Request Area Data Button (see also the 'Free Pan & Area Download' Section).
Please note that you can navigate though the loaded path while a Open Map data request is running - but it's not recommended.

Key short cuts

The GPSLogger OMD Tool supports the same key shortcuts as the BlackBerry GPSLogger to navigate along the path:
  • [s]: Start of Path
  • [e]: End of Path
  • [c]: -10 Records in Path
  • [v]: -1 Record in Path
  • [b]: +1 Record in Path
  • [n]: +10 Records in Path
  • [i]: Zoom in
  • [o]: Zoom out
  • [cursor-Keys]: free map pan

Free Pan Mode & Area Download

You can move arround in the map to request any specific area. The tool will download a 15km square centered arround the current marker. In certain zoom levels this (downloadable) area will be marked with a gray square. Please note that when you start a 'Check/Request Area Data' that the tool always take the position of the cursor as center of the area in the moment you have pressed the button. Moving the cursor afterwards/while request is in progress will have no impact on the data that will be downloaded.

Again: NO WARRENTY & NO SUPPORT - use it at your OWN RISK!

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