Iconify for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.3 or higher

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Iconify Homepage

Quick access to Your Contacts (Dial or Mail), Applications, Websites & Files/Folders

Create App,- File-, Web-, Dial- & MailLinks with individual icons directly on your HomeScreen

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Iconify is for all BlackBerry® devices with OS 4.3 or higher (incl. OS7) [like 81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 87xx, 88xx, 9000(Bold) 9500/9520(Storm), 9530/9550(Strom2), 96xx, 97xx(Bold2), 98xx(Torch) or 99xx and all new JAVA-BASED BlackBerry smartphone devices that will be released in the future (no support for Devices running BBX!)].
The basic principle of Iconify is to allow you to create quick access links to all of your favorite contacts, websites, applications and files/folders, making you and your BlackBerry more efficient then ever.

Iconify Core Features:

  • Create an Iconify DialLink to any Contact of your BlackBerry® AddressBook directly on your HomeScreen.
    • Specify a custom image or use the contact picture
    • Select a single number, specify a custom number or pick "select each time" (once the contact have multiple numbers assigned)
    • Select if you would like to confirm the number dialing
    As soon as you change any details (number or picture) of your contact in your BlackBerry® AddressBook Iconify will instantly refresh the link on your HomeScreen. So the IconifyLink is always up2date! (only applies, if you made no "custom" settings for an IconifyLink)
  • Create an Iconify MailLink to any Contact of your BlackBerry® AddressBook directly on your HomeScreen.
    • Same as for Dial Links you can select between multiple eMail Addresses, SMS-Number, PIN, or specify a custom eMail address for an IconifyMailLink.
  • Create an Iconify WebLink to a Webpage you have currently open in your BlackBerry® Browser directly on your HomeScreen.
    • Adjust the URL if needed
    • Specify an custom name or use the default generated
    • Iconify will try to read the favicon.ico file of the Webserver (only JPG & PNG supported - these formats are not very common yet as favorite.ico files - but that hopefully will change in the future). Once a Site offers a favicon.ico file in a supported format Iconify will use that image as custom picture for this IconifyLink.
    • If enabled in the Options Iconify also can request the Webpage Title and use it as link name on the HomeScreen
  • Create an Iconify FileLink to file or folder on your device file system.
    • Adjust the file path if needed
    • Specify an custom name or use the default generated (depending on your settings the default name will be either the file name only or the complete file path).
    • If you use FileScout (or the 100% free FileScoutLite) to create the Iconify FileLink, Iconify will use the FileScout file type image as custom HomeScreen Icon. Or course you can also select any other image from your device as custom icon.
    • Please note that the creation of Iconify FolderLinks requires FileScout (or FileScoutLite) to be installed on your device.
    When you rename files (or folders) to which an IconifyLink is pointing then Iconify is automatically update the corresponding Iconify FileLink. When you delete a file or a folder the corresponding Iconify File/FolderLink will be removed as well. Unfortunately 'move' is not supported.
  • Create an Iconify ApplicationLink to any existing installed application on your BlackBerry® Device.
    • Specify a custom image for the Application or use the default Application Icon.
      Please note, that most of the Core BlackBerry Applications (like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Clock, etc.) does not come with own Application Icons - most of these "Core"-Apps gets their Icon from the current active Theme. Unfortunately there is no access (for a 3'rd party application) to these Theme icons - so you need to specify a own image.
    • Specify an custom name or use the default generated (depending on your settings the default application name.
    Creating ApplicationLinks can be done via the Iconify-Options in the Edit IconifyLinks section. There you will find a Menu Item called 'Add IconifyApplicationLink' which will open a Application-Chooser. Please note that you can filter the list and hide the System (Core) Applications. This makes it much easier to find your individual installed 3'rd Party Applications.
    Please Note, that not all listed System Apps can be actual launched - some of them require additional parameters & configurations that are only known by RIM.
  • For all Iconify Links you have the option to include the link in the global BlackBerry Menu - this will make the Link available always (in any application) via the BlackBerry Menu.
  • Additionally to be able to include each Link in the Menu you have to option to specify a HomeScreen Hotkey for your link - so you can launch the link directly from the HomeScreen by a single click on your BlacBerry keyboard (not available for Storm & Strom2 - sorry).
    Please note that this functionality have some restrictions:
    • For OS6 you have to activate the 'Application Shortcuts' (this can be done in the Home Screen Preferences - Launch by Typing)
    • For other OS (except Storm/Storm2) you have to disable the the 'Dial from Home Screen' Option in the Phone Options
    • Some of the chars are already in use by the core BlackBerry applications (like 'O' (for Options) or 'M' (for Messages)) - so the number of available HomeScreen hotkeys is limited and you can't assign a hotkey for all of your Iconify links'.
  • Create combined Iconify Dial & Mail links - one Icon for both!
  • Novice & Export Mode to fit your individual BlackBerry skills
  • Options to configure Iconify to your choice
    • Always confirm when on Roaming [ON/OFF]
    • Default Confirm for new DialLinks [ON/OFF]
    • Default Confirm for new WebLinks [ON/OFF]
    • Various settings to configure the custom image browser
    • Force TCP/IP for favicon.ico request (WebLinks)
  • Support for device 'Backup & Restore': Keep all your Iconify Links when you updating your OS or change your BlackBerry® device!
  • Send an Web, Mail & Dial IconifyLink via eMail to your friends (can include the complete contact information of your Mail- or Dial-Link) - sending of File/Folder links is not supported.
  • Import an IconifyLink file (.ilk) that you have received via eMail or have download (e.g from this WebSite).

Please Note:

For some reason it could happen, that your BlackBerry® HomeScreen will loose the name, picture or both of your created IconifyLinks - e.g. when you deinsall an application via the options or changing the active theme. In this case, go to BlackBerry® Options select 'Iconify Options' and choose 'Refresh all IconifyLinks' from the list.



Quick Instructions

How to create an IconifyLink?

1a) IconifyDial- & IconifyMailLinks

Open you BlackBerry® AddressBook and select any Contact from the list then simply open the #Menu and select 'Create Dial IconifyLink' or 'Create Mail IconifyLink'.

1b) IconifyWebLinks

When you are using the BlackBerry® Browser and you would like to create a link to the current website/page then simply open the #Menu at any time and select 'Create Web IconifyLink'.

1c) IconifyFileLinks

Either you use the build in File app [OS4.x: Start the Media App and select 'Explore' from the #Menu] to create Iconify FileLinks or (if you have not already) install FileScout or the 100% free FileScoutLite to browse over the file system of your BlackBerry® device and select any folder or file and choose 'Create File IconifyLink' from the #Menu.

2) Common for all IconifyLinks

A dialog will open, that allows you to specify the IconifyLink details (like custom picture, custom name, custom phone number or email address). Once that is completed Iconify needs to install a IconifyLauncher for your new created link. This installation will not create any additional data charges and works 100% offline!
So when you are prompted to donwnload an 'IconifyLink_LNKxxxxx' then please press the 'Download' Button and once that step is completed, select 'Run' to initialize your newly created IconifyLink. Please note that fresh installed IconifyLinks typically can be found in the Download folder of your Homesceen (if not configured different).

Where to find the Iconify Options?

Since Iconify is some sort of system application there is no own user interface or icon at your BlackBerry® Homescreen - When you like to configure Iconify (or like to edit existing IconifyLinks) then this can be done within the BlackBerry® Options dialog itself. Simply open the default options and select the 'Iconify Options'.

Detailed instructions?

You can find a detailed step by step instruction at the manual page of Iconify

Additional Notes

  • Iconify is available as 15Link and as 50Link Version.
  • Unfortunately there is no upgrade path from the 15Link to the 50Link Version. If you purchase the 15Link version ans realize later that this is not sufficient enough for your needs, you can pass the 15Link Registration Code to a friend and purchase a new 50Link Registration Code.

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