eMail Inbox handling Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 5.0 or higher

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iMazing for Blackberry®
Handling your incoming eMails with just a swipe gesture

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iMazing is for all BlackBerry® devices with OS 5.0 or higher (incl. OS7) [like 87xx, 88xx, 9000(Bold), 9500/9520(Storm), 96xx, 97xx(Bold2), 9530/9550(Strom2), 98xx(Torch) or 99xx and all new JAVA-BASED BlackBerry smartphones that will be released in the future (no support for Devices running Blackberry10!)].


iMazing is a tool that will display you all incoming eMail messages and allow you to instantly process the messages (save, preview, reply, mark as read or delete) either with a swipe gesture (touch devices) or via the trackpad. iMazing supports up to three different actions that you can adjust to your likings (swipe left, swipe right or double tap).
You can additionally preview the eMails instantly with a single touch. In this preview screen you have also the option to instantly process the message with swipe left, swipe right or double tab (reply, mark as read, delete etc...).
With iMazing your are Getting Things Done (GTD) - full stop. And of course the application is fully customizable to your requirements - starting with the option where the the message list should be displayed and ending with the configuration when an incoming email should be marked as read (see manual section for details).

See the iMazing in action @ YouTube

Important to know

  • iMazing is exclusively available via AppWorld™
  • Even if the app is listed as free (in AppWorld), you need to buy (currently 1.99 USD) a License (via In-App Purchase) in order to make use of the full functionality of iMazing (displaying a unlimited number of eMail messages).
  • The FREE Version of iMazing will display ONLY the latest eMail message.
  • When you make use of the 'Mark prior as Read' (Opened) function of the native Message app, then the OS does not generate any kind of notification :-( - this implies that iMazing does not have any chance to detect that these messages should be removed. In this case it's unfortunately required that you open the BlackBerry Menu (when the popup list will be displayed) and select 'Refresh List'. I am very sorry for this inconvenience - this is a OS issue that need to be solved by RIM (an issue have been already generated).
  • IMazing will display eMail & SMS messages ONLY (no other messages will be currently handled)
    SMS-Support is limited - Why ?!
    This is quite a common question - even if it's not a big deal to register for incoming SMS messages and display them there is no way to actually process them further via the BlackBerry API (there are no API's which provide access to an SMS once it has been received and stored on the device).
    To be more concrete - it's (currently) not possible for a 3'rd party application to mark an SMS as read - it's not possible via the API to delete an SMS from your inbox - these operations can only be performed by the user manually (in the SMS-Inbox). Having in mind that the core concept of iMazing is to process messages then the current SMS integration of course could only be considered as limited functionality - since you just can preview, reply or remove from the iMazing popup list (have no effect on your SMS inbox!).
  • Looks like that the In-App Purchase option is not obvious
    1. Start the app and a popup will be displayed
    2. While that popup is displayed you can press the Blackberry Menu Button
    3. and there you find a 'Buy License'.

API-Limitations (you might like to know)

You might miss some essential functionality in iMazing - please read further why this functionality might be missing:
  • Open a eMail in the build in Message Application
    I was quite surprised myself to realize that there is no way to open an existing message with the default message application (to let you do from there what ever you want) - but at the end of the day as 3'rd party app you only can open "new" messages (like via the build in reply to or forward functionality).
  • Flag for Follow Up
    Again a very useful functionality that unfortunately is not able to be used/set for a 3'rd party developer. [Even if you can see these objects (net.rim.device.apps.internal.blackberryemail.flag.FollowUpFlagDataModel) in the debugger - there is no way to set them - just tried to set Flag '512' - without any usable result since the Model object can't be set.]

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