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LittleBrother [β] User Manual - Facebook & foursquare

The "ZERO-power consuming" tracking solution

CellTower based - supporting CDMA and GSM Network (IDEN experimental)

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foursquare & Facebook

General information about connecting foursquare & Facebook

In order to connect LittleBrother with your account both services requires you to login to the site and grant LittleBrother the permission to act on your behave. Of course LittleBrother will only do what you configure in the LittleBrother app.
The requested permissions are the minimum required set - so if you feel uncomfortable with the requested permissions that do not expect that LittleBrother can work correctly. Simply disconnect LittleBrother from the app in this case. This can be done via the web sites of Facebook or foursquare at any time.
For both Services LittleBrother need to create a web browser like screen that is going to establish an https connection (secure) to the Facebook/foursquare web site which will going to display a login screen.
This web browser like screen does not act very user friendly - sometimes it takes quite a long time to react on the user input - sometimes it takes a very long time to display any information.
I am very sorry for this inconvenience but all this comes more or less directly from the OS with very limited options for me as developer to influence the behavior of this browser like screen.
To connect LittleBrother simply go to the General Options and press the 'Connect'-Button - this will open the web browser like screen and display the login screen. Once the login and the additional dialogs have been confirmed you will be redirected back to This should automatically close the screen and you should see a confirmation popup letting you know that now LittleBrother is connected with the Service.
Alternatively there is also a more manual process to establish the connection between the Service and LittleBrother. This alternative can be initiated from every web browser running on a PC or Mac (for details see further below).


With the newly introduced WLAN-Monitor and the precision of the WLAN based location service it is now possible for LittleBrother to auto-checkin at your preferred foursquare venues.
  • After your foursquare account is connected, LittleBrother allows you to define a new Sector type: "foursquare venue" Sector.
    1. To create a such a new 4sq Sector simply open the Sector Definition and select 'Add foursquare location' (or use the key short cut [F])
      Please note that it's required that LittleBrother has a valid location information in order to create a 4sq Sector.
    2. After a short while LittleBrother will display you the first 50 venus in a range of 5km (aprox. 3mi) around your current location.
      When you are looking for a specific place, you alternatively can start a custom 4sq venues search by selecting 'Add foursquare location (extended)' (or use the key short cut [SHIFT]+[F])
    3. After you have selected a foursquare location from the popup list you can specify how LittleBrother should broadcast your automatic-checkin:
      • Select between public or private
      • Broadcast checkin on your connected Twitter Account
      • Broadcast checkin on your connected Facebook Account
      • Specify an additional Shout-Message (once a Shout-Message is specified the broadcast type will be automatically set to 'public')
  • In order that LittleBrother will perform a foursquare auto-checkin, you have to be at least for more then two minutes in a range of less then 150m (aprox. 500ft) from the venues location.
  • A re-checkin at the same venue will happen either after a pause of 24h or when LittleBrother had auto-checkin at a different venue in the meantime.
  • Each foursquare auto-checkin will be logged in the LittleBrother LOG that can be accessed via the LittleBrother options.
  • Please note that auto-checkin only works on base of the WLAN location service that was introduced in LittleBrother v0.9.5.6 - you need to enable the WLAN-Monitor in the General Options and accept the LittleBrother Hotspot-Client installation/configuration.


Once you connect your Facebook account with LittleBrother (via the General Options) LittleBrother can automatically create new wall posts that will include a personal message and a link to GoogleMaps displaying your current position (similar to the eMail notifications).
  • You can specify for each Sector separately IF a Facebook post should be created.
    Please note that the additional text input fields will only appear (in the sector definition screen) when you have connected your Facebook account with LittleBrother.
    Simply leave the additional fields empty if you do not like that a Sector event will be published at your Facebook wall. That is the default for all existing & new created Sectors.
  • Of course you can also specify for each sector separate, if the IN-, OUT- or BOTH events should be posted and of course you can modify the main message to your likings (only the GoogleMaps link will be some sort of static).
  • Each creation of a Facebook wall post will be logged in the LittleBrother LOG that can be accessed via the LittleBrother options.
  • Like LittleBrother on Facebook

Connecting LittleBrother manually to Facebook or foursquare

  1. In the web browser on the PC (Mac) enter one the following URL's:
  2. Login on the Service with your user and password - then confirm the requested permissions.
  3. If everything was entered ok you will be redirected back to the website where you should see an input field with a 'cryptic looking' code.
  4. Copy this code into your clipboard and transfer it to your Blackberry device - do not try to type it manually. [One of the simplest (not necessary the most secure) ways to do this is by sending yourself an eMail with the code in the message body]
  5. Now back on your Blackberry device: Select again the code text and copy it into the clipboard of your device
  6. Open the LittleBrother General Options and select 'Enter XXXX Access Token' from the Menu
  7. Paste in the input field of the popup dialog the Access Token code (if this did not already has happened automatically)
  8. Press 'OK' to complete this procedure and you are finally done!


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