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TOMPlayer - Changelog

Simple PlayList (m3u) Application for BlackBerry® devices

Ideal for AudioBooks

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TOMPlayer Changelog Details

2013/09/01 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.4.1 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Maintenance Release

Quick OTA-Update Links

Please note, that there are two installation for TOMPlayer: one for Devices running OS4.x and another one for all news OS Versions. Please select the appropriate Version when you update to your new build.

What's New

  • No functional changes - Make sure to update to the new Version before 15.Oct.2013

2013/04/21 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.9 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)


What's New

  • In the file system browser you can now press and hold ESC to instantly close the file chooser again
  • Potential performance issue fixed, when file names have been too long

2013/03/30 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.7 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

New Option Layout

What's New

  • This is just a Option User Interface Update - the new style looks way more organized.

2013/01/15 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.4 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Expire FIX

What's New

  • Cause I am a very bad developer I have updated ONLY the source code comment and not actually the real expire check code - so the very old expire date was included in the last few build of TOMPlayer - I am very sorry for this - the new version will fix this glitch!

2012/11/10 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.3 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Small tweak

What's New

  • Since v0.9.3.1 TOMPlayer register itself as ContentHander for multiple audio files. Since not all applications can handle the situation when more then one application have registered itself for a file type, you can disable the registration of TOMPLayer via the new switch in the options called: Register TOMPlayer as Default App for Audio files. By default this option is enabled.

2012/09/08 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.2 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Small unification

What's New

  • Actually while I was using the new TOMPlayer build for a while I actually came to the conclusion that it does not make much sense to differentiate between "Open PlayList..." and "Open Audio file..." since both allow you to browse over the file system of your device and select either an m3u or an (supported) single audio file.
    That there have been two menu entries (and two key shortcuts) have been more or less a technical restriction in my file system browser implementation (that was only able to filter per a single file type). This restriction have been removed and so now the browser supports multiple file filters.
    So TOMPlayer will now list you audio files and playlists in the file system browser together - so there is no need for separate menu items any longer.
  • Key shortcut [SHIFT]+[O] removed again (is now obsolete)
  • "Shuffle Playlist" MenuItem is removed if a single audio file is loaded :-)

2012/09/06 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.3.1 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Support for single Audio files

What's New

  • "Finally" - TOMPlayer can open and play single audio files without the need to create a playlist (m3u) first.
    Actually I do not have a clue why it took me so long to offer such an obvious functionality for an Media Player - but now it's there [might be I was just focusing all the time on audio books and longer music playlists - who knows what's going on in a developers mind? - well sounds strange, the words developer and mind in one sentence].
    Now you find beside the "Open Playlist..." menu item, a second one called "Open Audio file..." which let you browse over the file system of your device and showing all supported audio files [m4a, m4b, aac, mp3, wav, au3, mid, amr, gsm, wma]. Select on file and press the trackpad, or enter to load the audio file into TOMPlayer. If the track was played before (no matter if this was as part of a playlist or as single file) TOMPlayer will jump to the previous playback position.
    TOMPlayer is also now registering itself as ContentHandler for audio files [m4a, m4b, aac, mp3, wav, au3, mid, amr, gsm, wma]. This means, that all applications that makes use of RIM's so called CHAPI functionality would be able to open audio files directly with TOMPlayer [e.g. FileScout & FileScoutLite - stay tuned for the next FileScout/Lite update that should come shortly].
  • New Option: Autoplay Playlists on load [Default OFF]
    When enabled TOPMPlayer will instantly start/continue the play back of a playlist that have been loaded into TOMPlayer.
  • New Option: Autoplay Audio files on load [Default ON]
    When enabled TOPMPlayer will instantly start/continue the play back of the audio file that have been loaded into TOMPlayer.
  • New Key shortcut: [SHIFT]+[O]
    Start the 'Open audio file' dialog, to browser of the file system of your device and show all supported audio files - In contrast to the [O] Key shortcut which filter by 'm3u'

2012/09/02 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.2.2 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

Snooze Mode & Playlist enhancements

What's New

  • TOMPlayer will keep track of you last recently used playlists.
    The application will add the last five playlists you have used to the BlackBerry menu (at the top and adding the prefix 'PL' to make it easier to identify them). You can instantly switch to one of the last five playlist by simply selecting the menu item. Of course your current active playlist will be added to the recently used list instead. This will allow you to switch between different playlists with just a single click.
  • New Key shortcut: [SHIFT]+[DEL]
    Delete the current highlighted track from the Playlist (please note that the song will be removed from the playlist m3u file - and there is no undo).
  • The 'Append to Playlist...' function now allowing you to add a single audio file to the current playlist.
    Once the file chooser is shown you can highlight a single audio file and press the BlackBerry menu button to show the new menu item 'Append file to list'.
  • New Snooze-Mode
    If you like you, you can automatically shut down TOMPlayer after a certain amount of time - once the time is over TOMPlayer will stop the playback (of course the current active track of the playlist and the position will be saved) and end the application.
    You can select between 10min, 15min, 30min (default), 60min, 120min and a custom value (where you can specify any different snooze timer in minutes).

2012/08/07 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.1.2 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

MP3Tag Option & bug fix

What's New

  • New Option Show Track MP3-Tags [default: ON]
    By default TOMPlayer will display the filenames of the MP3-files in the playlist. As soon as a track will be played the audio file MP3-Tags Artist and Track Title will be read and replace the filename in the playlist.
    When you don't like this replacement you can turn off this function by disable the 'Show Track MP3-Tags' checkbox.

What's Fixed

  • TOMPlayer stores for each playlist the last active index (track-number). It could happen that a playlist will be shorten (this happens automatically, if not all previous included tracks are still present on your BlackBerry device). In previous builds TOMPlayer could crash if the last active index (of a playlist) was larger then the new playlist length. This issue is fixed in the new v0.9.1.2 build.

2012/08/05 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.1.1 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)

PlayList and Option enhancements

What's New

  • The name (file name) of the current active Playlist will be displayed on top of the screen.
  • Additionally to the current playlist length the current active index will be displayed on top of the screen.
  • If you make use of a BOLD font in your default device settings, TOMPlayer will adjust it's default font so that the the current active track will be always noticeable (bold font).
  • When creating a new playlist the current selected folder name will be used as initial name for your new playlist.
  • New Option Always validate Playlist content [default: OFF]
    By default TOMPlayer does not always validate the content of a Playlist (validate=check if all referred files in the playlist exist). When you have issues during the playback then you might like to enable this option. Please note that when you have a long playlist that the start of TOMPlayer could be delayed (cause the app needs to check the playlist content while the application will be started).
  • New Option Fade Tracks IN & OUT [default: ON]
    TOMPlayer will normally automatically fade IN and OUT the playback of a new track (volume will be faded) - if you don't like this default behavior you can now turn it off.

2012/02/01 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.0.5 (OS5.x+/OS4.3+)


What's Fixed

  • BETA-Version Expired - new build will extend the current BETA.
    Please note that this effects all Version of TOMPlayer.

2011/11/07 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.0.4 (OS5.x+)


What's Fixed

  • MediaActionHandler was not registered in - this made track changes (via VolUP/VolDOWN + HOLD) or simple Volume changes while TOMPlayer was in the background not possible. This is now fixed with
    Please note that this only effects the OS5.x, OS6.x & OS7.x Version of TOMPlayer.

2011/11/01 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.9.0.3 (OS4.3+)

Last.fm Scrobble Service & FF/REW Enhancements

What's Changed

  • Last.fm Scrobble Service
    TOMPlayer now supporting the Scrobble Service powered by Last.fm. The Last.fm scrobble service lets you add a track-play to your profile. This data is used to show your listening history and generate personalized charts and recommendations (and more). - This feature requires a separate Last.fm account - for Terms & Conditions applies see Last.fm Website for details.
  • FF/REW Enhancements
    • Support for 'Press and Hold':
      In the previous build you had to press the FF/REW Buttons multiple times in order to navigate forward/backward. This glitch have been finally resolved and you simply can press & hold the FF and REW Buttons and you can navigate comfortable over the current active track.
      This press & hold function also applies when you use the Trackpad/ball.
    • Acceleration and Max FF/REW Speed:
      While you keep the FF/REW Button pressed the change will be accelerating till a maximum that can be adjusted in the TOMPlayer options.
  • Finally TOMPlayer also supports Backup & Restore via the DesktopManager - now all your TOMPlayer settings (and track locations) will be kept when restoring a previous made backup (e.g. on device change).

2011/10/22 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.5.2.3 (OS4.3+)

Playlist Creation & Support for MediaActions

What's Changed

  • Playlist creation
    Browse the FileSystem of your BlackBerry and select a folder in which the Audio files for which you like to create a playlist are located. Once you have reached this directory you can open the BlackBerry Menu and select between:
    • Playlist from Directory:
      Will create a Playlist of all audio files that are located in the selected folder.
    • Playlist Recursive:
      Will create a Playlist of all audio files that are located in the selected folder and of all audio files that are located in any sub folder of the current selected directory.
      Please note that selecting this option might take some time in order to retrieve all audio files from all sub- directories.
    In the Options you can specified in which folder the create Playlist will be saved - you can select between:
    • BlackBerry Music Directory:
      All playlist will be saved in the default BlackBerry Music directory (either on your SDCard or on the device internal memory itself).
    • Same Directory as Audio Files:
      The created playlist will be saved in the same directory in which the audio files are located - if you have selected the recursive playlist creation then the playlist will be saved in the top directory.
  • Support for Media Actions (OS5.x and above only):
    Events triggered by the multimedia buttons of a headset (like the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm) or the BlackBerry Bold9900 media buttons will be now also handled by TOMPlayer.
    Currently the Next/Previous Track, Volume UP/DOWN and Pause/Unpause (Mute/Unmute) are supported.
  • Storing current Track position fixed when a external device (e.g. Bluetooth) is sending a STOP event.

2011/10/14 - Release of TOMPlayer v0.5.1.2 (OS4.3+)

New UI, AudioPath & some Fixes

What's Changed

  • New UI (BackInBlack)
    The most noticeable difference of the new version will be the new GUI of TOMPlayer
  • Options Dialog added
  • Confirm Close Option
  • Configure a default AudioPath (Output Channel)
    In the (new) Options Dialog you can select the default output channel for the playback.
    You can select between:
    • Earpiece
    • Speakerphone
    • Bluetooth SCO
    • Handsfree/Audio Out
    • Speakerphone + Handsfree/Audio Out
    • Bluetooth A2DP
    Beside the pre-selection via the Options you can toggle between the different AudioPath with the [Q]-Key (forward) or the [A]-Key (backward). For Storm and Storm2 users some additional menu items are available in order to provide this additional switching functionality.
  • Fixed resume audio playback when phone-call is ended (when TOMPlayer was playing when the call arrived)
  • Will work with playlists containing only links for AudioFiles in the same folder then the m3u itself

2011/10/03 - Initial Release of TOMPlayer v0.4.9.2 (OS4.3+)

A plain & simple AudioListPlayer - Ideal for AudioBooks!

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