• First GPSLogger Manual publishedSomething that I wanted to do since almost 10 years

    2022_01-manual Even if the work isn’t 100% done yet, I couldn’t hold back the first result. Ever since I originally created the GPSLogger website, the documentation part has always fallen behind. With every new feature that was implemented, there was no convenient place to document it. Sometimes there were forum posts explaining the theory of how it worked, but that was suboptimal.

    With the beginning of 2022 (that has not been a New Year’s resolution) I have started with the creation process of the GPSLogger Manual, and today I have completed the initial (aka draft) version.

    Let’s jump directly into the manual… or continue reading about the details.

  • myMap ProjectSomething that I started at the beginning of 2020

    2022_01-mymap At the beginning of 2020 I came across multiple challenges… Despite COVID-19 of course. Currently, GPSLogger II makes use of the free vector tile server - even if there exist some alternatives to this service, these alternatives require an account - and with that a certain payment for the usage.

    Since GPSLogger is free (and I don’t want to change this in the future) I felt the need to prepare a source alternative. And obviously the ‘only’ possible solution would be to host vector map data by myself.

    Challenge accepted!

  • relaunch

    In 2022/01/04 BlackBerry has shut down all it’s phone services - this implies that all the previously released applications like FileScout, LittleBrother, Iconify, GPSLogger or TOMPlayer from (aka ‘me’ Matthias Marquardt) are obsolete.

    So I decided to get finally rid of my quite old website with all the outdated information about my apps for a legacy BlackBerry OS. By doing so I realized that the world have moved some sort of forward concerning websites and content creation processes.