100% free GPSLogger & Geocaching Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.6 or higher (v1.x for OS 4.2.1)

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A straight forward application, to record your movement with your BlackBerry® device over time

+ Simple Geocache Application for BlackBerry® devices

+ Outdoor Navigation

+ Lap Timer

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GPSLogger II is a pretty straightforward application – it records your physical movement on your BlackBerry® device over time. The recorded information includes, beside your actual location data in WGS84, the elevation, your speed and some additional data. You can select between imperial, metric or nautical units.

The location information can be displayed on a plain canvas or GPSLogger II can make use of BlackBerryMaps (if installed) to display your movement on a map. Please note when you make use of BlackBerry Maps that this can imply additional data charges.

Additionally, GPSLogger II can direct you to a location that you either entered manually or have previously recorded (via the "Guide Me Home" function). This can be quite useful whether you want to locate your car in a big parking lot or you are in the wilderness and have lost your orientation.

As extended functionality to the "Guide Me Home" feature a very easy to use outdoor navigation is integrated into GPSLogger II also. As latest addon you can use GPSLogger II also as LapTimer - a very powerful feature for all who need to keep track of intermediate timings.

The most important aspect of GPSLogger II is that it will work 100% offline - no data will be transferred while you use it (except when the BlackBerryMap view is used).

Core Features of GPSLogger II

  • Record your movement over time - the following values will be stored:
    • longitude / latitude
    • accuracy for longitude & latitude values
    • # of satellites
    • current altitude (in WGS84)
    • current course/heading
    • current speed
    • name of location (if specified)
  • Display of the current data in various views:
    • Path View: Displays the traveled path in a x/y coordinate system (2D-View)1
    • Elevation View: Displays the change of altitude over time1
    • Speed View: Displays the change of speed over time1
    • GPS View: Displays longitude, latitude, heading and speed in a large font (e.g. for your own navigation) 
    • Timing View: Displays elapsed time, current speed and Ø speed in a large font (e.g. for runners and cyclists)1
    • Compass View: Displays the current heading in a nice compass view2 3 6
    • Direction View: Shows an arrow/line that points into the direction of stored location (according to your current heading)3 4 5 6
  • Outdoor navigation (incl. ETA) -> see documentation for details 
  • "Guide me Home"-Function for people who easily loose orientation like myself ;-) (see 'Direction View')
    To reach the destination you have stored, travel in the direction of the arrow on the device. If the arrow is pointing up, you are traveling in the correct direction to reach your selected destination. If the arrow is pointing down, you are traveling away from the selected destination. This makes GPSLogger II also suitable for Geocaching!3 4 5 6
  • Lap Timer functionality
  • Zoom IN & Zoom OUT for path, elevation and speed views
  • "Distance Alerts/Signal" - the device can peep & vibrate after a user-specified distance (in meters or feet) was traveled (especially useful for runners & bikers)
  • Night Mode in 4 different colors (yellow, blue, red and green)
  • Save current location to use it later with the "Guide me..."-Function
  • Store current location on the Clipboard (e.g. to paste it into a SMS or eMail)
  • Support for wildlife tracking/recording (with the option to select from predefined location names)
  • Load and display a previously recorded path
  • Summarize information about a previously recorded path
  • Export recorded paths into CSV, GPX, KML (GoogleEarth) formats (and send it via email if you wish)
  • Import a path in GPX or KML format (e.g. that are recorded with other applications that support GPX-Export or have been downloaded from websites like GPSies.com7

requires that the devices is actually logging (this means a path will be recorded)
only available for BlackBerry® devices with OS4.6 or higher (SVG-support required)
since BlackBerry® devices (before OS7.x) come without a compass, this function requires that you move around so the current heading can be calculated from the GPS data
requires that you have loaded a previously saved location
when logging, this function will always guide you into the direction of the first recorded location of your current path (your start location)
this function is not a navigation replacement - you will be guided into the direction of a previously stored location. It does not take natural barriers like rivers or canyons into account.
thanks to Rob Antonishen for the very nice compass SVG file
minimal requirements for a location stored in the GPX file are: longitude, latitude, and timestamp information

I am always looking for feedback from other BlackBerry® users (especially with devices that I have not yet tested). Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please post your feedback in our forum.

GPSLogger II is free, nevertheless if you find the application useful day by day and you want that I am able to invest more of my time into the development of this application, then please be so kind and send me a little donation - TIA.

Before you donate: Please note that PayPal demands
a fee of at least 0,30 USD (or 0,35 €) + 3,9% for the donation service.
Donations of less than $1.00 do not help support the project at all as it is actually just
a donation to PayPal. If you cannot afford more, please keep it for yourself.
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