Turn-by-Turn Navigation


GPSLogger supports different input formats for navigation turn-by-turn Information…

The app makes use of the online routing engine openrouteservice.org (HeiGIT gGmbH / University of Heidelberg). One of the reasons why GPSLogger makes use of openrouteservice.org is simply because I had the chance to be part of the development team and contributed the current active road bike profile (beside some other internal core things).

You have multiple options to start the turn-by-turn navigation function in GPSLogger:

  • When creating a route with openrouteservice.org the route can be exported as JSON and then directly imported into GPSLogger (as an alternative you can ‘beam’ the route to emacberry.com backend and import the route from PathManager)
  • A path that has TurnInfo can be loaded as (reverse) navigation path (from PathManager)
  • You can touch & hold any point on the map and then select from the popup-menu the item Directions…
  • When you are recording, you can select from the application main menu the item Bring me Back which will start an online routing request back to your staring location

Details about how to plan a route can be found in the Plan a Route Section


  • Temporary online connection to request routing data from the routing-service.
  • A Path in PathManager that is marked with the has TurnInfo addon

Once the navigation path (your planed route) is loaded the application doesn’t need the online connection any longer. But if you leave the planed route by more than 50 m, then the application will try to find the shortest way back to the initial planed route - for this type of Detour-Routing-Requests GPSLogger requires an online connection.

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Version: 2023/03/19